Change AutoPilot Self-Deploying Language (Region) to German Switzerland /w PowerShell

The AutoPilot Self-Deploying Profile does not consider German (Switzerland) as Language (Region) in the Azure Portal. This doesn’t mean you have to wait until it’s clickable.The following guide explains how to change the AutoPilot Self-Deploying Profile Language-Attribute to German (Switzerland) or other languages.


To getting started check you have the newest version of the AzureADPreview and WindowsAutoPilotIntune Modules.

  • Install-Module -Name WindowsAutoPilotIntune -force
  • Install-Module -Name WindowsAutoPilotIntune -force

How To

Now you can Connect to the AutoPilot service via PowerShell and list the Profiles:

  • Connect-AutoPilotIntune
  • Get-AutoPilotProfile

Search for the profile name and change it with the following command:

Get-AutoPilotProfile | ? {$_.displayName -eq "SelfDeploying_DE_CH"} | Set-AutoPilotProfile -language "de-CH"